MQL4 Tutorial 1 – How to get the most popular trading platform


Download “METATRADER4 ORIGINAL SETUP.EXE FILE” mt4setup.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 592 KB

Okay before we can start we obviously need to download the software. MQL 4 is the automated programming language that comes with MetaTrader 4. And MetaTrader 4 is the most advanced trading platform you can download for free. We are on the German version of Google because I’m from Germany and if you type in MetaTrader 4 Google should come up with the website and here you can learn a lot of things about MetaTrader 4 and MQL 4. It is for trading forex, you can analyze financial markets and you can use expert advisors. An Expert Advisor is something like a trading robot that can do automatically what you would do when you would sit in front of your screen.
They also have a mobile version. This is very handy when you are on vacation or have to travel around the world and it works on Windows, Mac OS and I also use it on Ubuntu and Bodhi Linux. The app version is available for iPhone or iPad and I do use it on Android. Meta Quotes is also pushing MetaTrader 5 they call it the new advanced version but I still prefer MetaTrader 4 because the language syntax is very easy and you will get to know MetaTrader 4 advantages later on and still most brokers only support MetaTrader 4 systems because MetaTrader 4 has been the industry standard for I think about ten years now.
Probably your broker will try to get you download his brand version but I still would suggest use the original version and go to the download site on they call it the most popular forex trading platform and this is what it is in my eyes.