MQL4 Tutorial 2 – How to download the right software


Download “METATRADER4 ORIGINAL SETUP.EXE FILE” mt4setup.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 592 KB

This is the download webpage for MetaTrader 4 and it says during the first launch you will be prompted to open a free demo account. Well this is optional. You can choose your own broker and you can also connect an existing account for a broker if your broker supports MQL 4. They list the features of MetaTrader 4 and this is the one that is interesting for us- Algorithmic Trading. The download will also include what they call the MQL 4 IDE basically it’s something like notepad, a text editor but it does support a few useful features like text highlighting and auto complete.

We are going to download it with this button here and this will get you the MT4setup EXE file. It is a web based installer and it will download all the additional features and things that Meta Trade 4 will need for your system. If you prefer to use MetaTrader 4 on Linux systems you will need to install WINE version 1.9 or newer before the web based installation process will run properly and yes the mobile version for MetaTrader 4 is very handy but what they don’t say is that you can’t program anything on your mobile device.

So I use this MetaTrader 4 for Android version when I’m on the go to check my states and it is also useful to find out if my system is running like it should and you wouldn’t believe what kind of obstacles you will face if you trade for a long time. If you have been upset because Windows was shutting down in the middle of you editing a word or excel file just wait until it shuts down in the middle of Automated Trading because it wants to install any updates.

In this course we will install it on a Windows machine because most of the traders still use Windows. So let’s proceed with the installation in the next video.