MQL4 Tutorial 3 – How to install Metatrader4


Download “METATRADER4 ORIGINAL SETUP.EXE FILE” mt4setup.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 592 KB

Okay let’s proceed with the installation. I would suggest that you check your Windows Account because you will need Administrator rights to install anything on your machine and here comes the license agreement and here we learn it will create MQH and MQ 4 text files for the source code but the MetaTrader 4 system will need a compiled EX4 version and it also contains the usual fluff here and the license agreement.
So let’s scroll it down. Yes I agree and I will proceed with the installation. You can change the settings here. I will call that MQL 4 boot camp. This download process might be a problem if you didn’t install WINE 1.9 or newer on your Linux machine. And if you are behind a firewall or a proxy you would also need to provide your proxy settings.
Now something strange happens, the installer is gone and it takes about fifteen to twenty seconds until something happens and now the installation dialog wants me to open a new or find an existing account for MetaTrader 4. I prefer RoboForex, I type in RoboForex and click on the scan button and MetaTrader 4 will find all the servers and tell me if they are available. But I will cancel that for now because the installation is already finished. I can add the account later on and in the next video we are going to open a new demo account with the broker we prefer. Afterwards we can connect the account by right clicking on accounts and login into a trade account.