MQL4 Tutorial 7 – How to make your first automated trade

From time to time I am giving away one of my systems for people who want to test if Automated Trading works for them. This is one of my websites, it’s called

There you can find the salt system. It’s one of my earlier systems from 2015. Here are some results.
I traded the system on this Netbook it’s an EEE-PC and you can go to the statistics or you can download the salt system to import it in your MetaTrader 4. So let’s click on the download link and it will download a little file called Golden Goose Baukasten20140218.ex4, after the download is finished I will find the file in my download folder and I’m going to copy it, change to MetaTrader, select File → Open Data folder, these days it’s an encrypted folder within your Windows profile and there you will find a folder called MQL4experts. It’s the one where you can find the MACD sample.
Now I will paste the file here and I have to restart the MetaTrader. See the whole path here it’s C:\Users\xray\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal and then the encrypted folder. If I cut the encrypted folder and hit enter you’ll see there are lots of them. This is one of the annoying changes I don’t like but MetaQuotes is going to update MetaTrader 4 on a regular basis and if they decide to change something we have to deal with it.
After you restarted your MetaTrader you should be able to see the imported file here, to test it I will simply drag it on the chart and see what happens .

And as you can see: Congratulations you’ve made your first automated trade.