MQL4 Tutorial: Simple IADX Expert Advisor



In this tutorial, the emphasis is on crafting an Expert Advisor that harnesses the power of the IADX (Average Directional Movement Index). The IADX is a technical indicator that primarily serves as a trend confirmation oscillator. When the line of this indicator rises, it confirms a trend, and when it falls, it indicates a potential interruption in the trend. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown:

  1. Deciphering the IADX: The IADX, or Average Directional Movement Index, is a tool that doesn’t directly indicate trend direction or momentum. Instead, it’s used to gauge the strength of a trend. When the line rises, it’s a confirmation of a trend, and when it falls, the trend might be interrupted.
  2. The OnTick Function: Central to the code is the OnTick function. This function is triggered every time there’s a fresh price update (a new tick) for the current financial instrument. It lays the groundwork for all subsequent calculations and actions of the Expert Advisor.
  3. Signal Variable Creation: Nested within the OnTick function, a string variable named “Signal” is delineated. This variable will subsequently be employed to ascertain whether a buy or sell signal is present.
  4. IADX Value Calculation: The current value of the IADX and its value for the preceding candle are deduced using specific commands in MQL4. This deduction empowers the Expert Advisor to grasp the market’s current stance relative to its immediate past.
  5. Signal Determination: Based on the deduced IADX values, a verdict is reached on the presence of a buy or sell signal. The criteria are based on the rise or fall of the IADX value in relation to a predefined threshold.
  6. Chart Display: After the signal’s determination, it’s exhibited directly on the chart. This proffers traders with a vivid visual affirmation of the current market signal.

Benefits of the IADX Expert Advisor:

  • Market Trend Confirmation: The IADX assists traders in corroborating the overarching direction of the market, which is quintessential for making informed trading decisions.
  • Precision: The IADX, by measuring the strength of a trend, provides signals that are less prone to false breakouts or misleading indications.
  • Versatility: The IADX can seamlessly integrate with other technical indicators, enhancing the robustness and efficacy of the trading strategy.

In conclusion, the IADX Expert Advisor in MQL4 equips traders with a robust instrument to comprehend market dynamics and make judicious trading decisions. It stands as a prized addition to any technical analysis toolkit.