MQL4 Tutorial – New App available


In this video I wanted to show you the first version of the Mobile MQL4 Tutorial App.
It’s a very simple app and I have created it with a program called: MIT App Inventor. Basically you have a few buttons here and when you click one of the buttons something happens.
This one is the podcast button; you can play the video right from the feed here. This video is running inside of the browser and if that is not enough you can click on the button here, that will show you some additional videos from the current MQL4 Tutorial Channel on Youtube and here you will find lots of different videos and also the old stuff that might not be longer available in the feed.
This button here is for the books page. I have already listed a few books that are very helpful to become profitable in trading. I will add a few more. This button here is for the statistics, here you can see how my trading systems are doing right now and you can go to each and every trade here.
The guy with the phone here stands for the contact data so if you want to contact me it will show you the phone number and the address. And last but not least we have a bonus section; this one will show you things like the current 25% off voucher and maybe a few additional promotions in the future. Actually now we have a payment plan and I hope that PayPal will work from the Mobile Version and if you need anything else I have lots of space around these icons here so if you have any suggestions just let me know and I might implement your feature in the next version of the MQL4 Tutorial App.