How satisfied are you with your trading results?


Hi, how satisfied are you with your trading results? Trading is a very good business for brokers! Most traders fail. If you are like an average trading beginner you will probably loose all your money within the first six month. In about one hour you will know how and why you can prevend that with MQL4, the builtin programming language and the Metatrader4, the basic trading platform for almost every broker! Even if you trade for years you might be unsatisfied with your trading profits! Well MQL4 is able to see things that escape the human eye. Because for each and every candle here on the chart you will have all the data for the Open, the Close, the High and the Low of each and every candle. All the data available in a split second! MQL4 will know in real time the High, the Low, the Open and the Close of each and every candle on your chart and it can calculate all the values for all the candles within as split secont, faster than you can add Two plus Two! If you are a driscretionary trader, you might like the way to backtest your own strategy and speed up your backtest to trade thousands of candles within seconds. So take a few minutes and be my guest!