Workshop Why MQL4 – Does automated trading really work


Well, first things first! The obvious question is: Does it really work? Is MQL4, automated trading or trading at all able to make a profit for you? Well, let’s see. I would suggest that you google Myfxbook. This is a website for advanced MQL4 trading statistics where you can analyze automated systems. Let’s bring up the site and I will login to my portfolio here. MyFxbook is completly free and it can tell you much more about your own system than MQL4 or the Metatrader4 will. This is my members area at and you will see my real account 3067519. It’s an MT4 Fix Cent account. We will talk about that later. And these are my login credentials for the Investor password. If you have already installed your Metatrader4 program, you can login to my account. I will change the language to English here for this course and restart the Metatrader. Ok, let’s copy these credentials. The account number is 3067519, the right server is called Rofoforex-FixCent and the password is g0ldeng00se (just replace the letter o with a zero). And now you are logged in! Let’s bring up the results here and you will see that this balance here also matches the balance on my account…