17.92 Percent Net Gain with 1007 Trades


So let’s about these results here. I made 17.92 percent that is a net gain, meaning that it is what is left over after all the trading costs have been paid. The account made about 4.01 percent profit in a month and my maximal draw down was 24.70 percent. This is very good. You can access the site without any login credentials, so you can analyze everything for yourself and there is also a tab for the draw down and another one for the profit gains. I started on Halloween 2015 and you can see the continious rise of the equity here. And this is the total end result on the last day I traded this account. I will keep it up and running for you and the reason is: You can see each and every of the 1007 trades I made to create this profit. Simply click on the history tab down here and you will see exactly what I have done. There are 51 sites with results so see for yourself! I have not made a single trade by hand, each and every of these trades where made automatically with MQL4 and the Metatrader4 system.