This video shows how 197 days of real trading turned out. Today is February 3, 2023, and I wanted to help my system work better. By accident, I just started a new trade here again. We’re going to end the trade now because I already reached my goal on February 1, 2023. The whole plan was to make a 10% profit and close the system. If you look at this, you can see that we just went over $11,000.

Here in the order history, you can see that I put down $10,000 on July 18 (as far as I can remember), and on February 1, I made more money than I had planned. This is the corresponding statistic on my website. If you click here, you can go to the FX Blue website and see the exact statistics of all the data for this system. Here, the whole thing can be shown again as the total profit. Just now, on February 3, I closed the last trade. The first trade I made was on July 18, 2022. Overall, we’ve grown by 10%, and each month we’ve grown by 1.4%.

Only 68% of all trades made money when the system was active, and on average, we made 12 trades per day for 199 days. If I hadn’t opened a position by accident when I started this video, it would only be 197 days. With the help of a calculator, if we divide 10% by 197 days and multiply by 365, we get an annual growth of 18.5%. What’s interesting to me is the equity issue, because you can see here that most of the time during the time we traded, the equity was very close to being in balance. That means the system didn’t have many drawdowns.

You can see that we only traded in Euros and Dollars. That was 2408 orders, a gross profit of more than $2,000, and a gross loss of $1,112. With a profit factor of 1.9, the total profit was $1,001.28. Here are some more facts and figures. For example, the average number of hours it takes to trade. At 334.9 hours, this one stands out.

But as a whole, you can say that most of them were less than 100 hours. fxblue’s numbers show that there is a 0% chance of losing everything. You can also look at 100 more facts and figures here. Those who want to can do it here on FX Blue or by calling the website This is currently being redirected, but you can look at the statistics here as well.

And the link to the playlist is still somewhere down here. You have to turn on YouTube content here for GDPR, but once you do, you can look at the playlist. This is the very first video. Overall, I took a few notes on this, and I’ll add this video right now. I’m very happy with the results, and I am going to contunue to work on the system now.