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Alright,let’s start with the beginning. There is nothing like the trading experiment we are doing in 2024 that I have ever done before. I spent several weeks ago viewing Netflix movies while lying in bed due to a severe illness. These included advertising-filled movies. One such advertisement that I kept seeing featured a woman receiving face cream for Christmas. In order to improve her skin, she also showed how to use the cream with pineapple. I had no interest in this at all, and I would never use face cream with pineapple, no matter how many times I saw this advertisement. Why am I revealing this to you? Relevance is key! I will not be able to sell something irrelevant if I offer it.


The same holds true with pineapple facial cream. If something is simply irrelevant, it makes no difference how hard I try to persuade someone. What kind of advertising technology is employed is irrelevant, in my opinion. No matter how tempting the advertisement is, there isn’t much anyone can do if something doesn’t interest me. Generally speaking, I search for deals—solutions that offer me greater value than they do cost. Stated differently, you receive something valuable for less than what you would be willing to spend. We’re doing something different this year because of this. Many businesses, in my opinion, are stuck in the middle of attempting to get everyone on the earth to buy their products at a time when everyone is trying to shout louder and louder. Personally, I don’t like being taken advantage of, and I have never made a big deal out of my trading methods. I am aware that many in the financial industry flash large wads of cash from a Dubai skyscraper or show off their Ferrari, but I think the majority of prospective customers are quick to sniff out such questionable tactics.


I therefore searched for a long time for a subtle approach to persuade individuals who were similar to me, but still offering something that I would myself purchase. I came across Frank Kern, who teaches a really amazing tactic. It is said to be the oldest tactic in his books and involves persuading someone that you can assist them by actually being of assistance to them. Because automated trading is rather simple, we are currently using a demo account and will continue to trade using a demo system in 2024 in an effort to improve performance. I think you want better outcomes, and based on the past ten years, I’ve known that 10 to 15 percent of viewers of these videos are looking to purchase the appropriate solution. That does not imply that you must purchase it personally, but I think the secret to success is probability.


Given my statistics, it is quite probable that 10 to 15 percent of visitors will make a purchase from me in the future because they are certain that what I am providing is the precise answer they have been searching for. For demo accounts, the Robot Trading System can now be downloaded for free. The link is provided below this video. We will examine how to configure this system in Meta Trader in the upcoming videos in order to get long-term success. In any case, I think you should trade on a demo account for the first few weeks or months before using the strategy on a "cent account." Thus, this tactic works nicely. Additionally, I believe it will enable me and you to perform better in 2024. That concludes the video. Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one. ​