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This video describes a large-scale trading experiment that I hope to carry out with you. It’s January 1, 2024, and I’ve spent the day testing strategies for all the major currency pairings that I trade personally for this system here, trading through the whole year 2023. It’s just before 4 o’clock PM. I’ll also put these videos online so you can watch them for yourself. However, the main experiment here is that I want to work with you and other people in 2024 to improve this system. For this reason, starting in January 2024, I will be providing a demo account with an infinite version of the Robot Trading System. This implies that anything I do is yours to do with a demo account. It will also cover how to set up, modify, and enhance such a system throughout the year to ensure that you have a respectable outcome at the end of the year. I will also trade this method on a demo account at first. Even if you have never dealt with automatic trading before or if you would prefer to check over the entire thing before participating, we will also talk about and share some other resources that could be helpful. Both capital and prior expertise are not prerequisites. All you really need is a computer that was produced within the previous ten years. You require a demo account. You can use Metaquotes or other companies’ demo accounts for free, and you can use Metatrader five—which is also available for free—to do strategy testing similar to the ones you see here. On an account with a €10,000 deposit, we would have made a net profit of €1,642 this time. Why are we using a demo account for all of this activity? Few people, in fact, are prepared and eager to put in the time necessary to see genuine trading outcomes on a demo account before trading real money on a real money account. And declines like this occur in practically every trading session. And at just this moment, that causes people to close their accounts. For that’s where the biggest fear lies. But with a demo account, you don’t need to be scared. Additionally, you are free to swap at any moment as soon as you decide the system is sufficient for you. However, we have already conducted such tests, and I would like to begin 2024 in the same manner. Since nothing, in my opinion, can truly replace the information you have acquired on your own. And you have a lot to gain and not much to lose in this situation, in my opinion. This concludes the introduction video. I hope you have a wonderful new year. Over the next several days, you will receive new videos, additional information, and a download link for the version of this system that you may use on your own demo account for free. I’ve turned on a couple more Robot Trading System parameters here if you’re already a customer. This implies that more exact control over the system is now possible. I’ll see you in the upcoming video if you appreciate the outcomes shown here. I sincerely appreciate you seeing. And in the following video, we will continue. Thank you for watching this one. ​ ​