After installing MX Linux from scratch in the last video, we need to install a few more components in order to make use of it for MetaTrader. We would like to do an update first. You have two options for doing that: via the terminal or another method. The graphical interface will open automatically. But I’ll do it in the terminal for now. Yes, I want to go on, knowing that it might take some time. Winbind has to be installed. I have to set up Wine. Let’s try wine configuration now, and this is where the small popup appears. In essence, it works. Let us install Wine Tricks now. Additionally, we will download the Windows Service Pack 4 which is also necessary—using wine tricks win H T T P. Now visit the MetaTrader 5 website.

For Linux, which essentially shows you a graphical installation description there is no download, but we want to download. But the exe file will appear here when we click on Download for Windows. You may find this one in the downloads folder. On Linux, I prefer to use Play on Linux. You may install it here, along with the suggested packages, just like I do today, by finding that in the MX package installer. which is what we’re doing in the terminal but presented graphicalally. Or you may use this command on the terminal to accomplish it. It now indicates that it is installed.

Let us now launch the Play on Linux installation. I choose to install something that isn’t on this list. Go on, go on. manual installation is what we need. I’d like to make a fresh virtual disk. Now let’s go on. Name it MT5 for the drive. Proceed. I would like to set up wine. Press the "continue" button. This installation is 64 bits. On my virtual server, it is currently building a virtual drive. I used to have to change the win H T T P version. Alright, so let’s see. Select the MetaTrader installation file for MT5 setup and proceed.

The installation wizard is now shown here. See whether it works. This appears good. A progress bar is shown. And after this is done, our new virtual private server running MX Linux will most likely have a fresh MetaTrader 5 installation. Yes, we are done with this. In fact, it now includes a brand-new account that is enabled right away. And now, you know how to install MetaTrader on a Linux server after watching this little video.