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All right, it’s January fifth today, and a couple more positions have been traded in this system. As of right now, we are up $291 in profit. As most of you are aware, this is all the information that MetaTrader offers on the Trade and History tabs. However, there is a way to obtain far more thorough information, and I would like to create an account on an internet platform that can provide us with further information. I was using my FX book before, but I I believe FX Blue is superior. Some of my my FX Book accounts, as far as I can tell, have not been updated appropriately. The arrangement seems a little strange. We have to find the right part on the website. After that, we must create your trading account. This is a login page, and I already have the login information. However, we must click this register button and submit separate information for each account. Now that the broker is being requested, it appears that they do not support MetaQuotes, which is rather strange because MetaQuotes is the business that created MetaTrader. That brings us to our next issue. Now let’s select my broker server is not available.

They now advise me to get in touch with them and ask them to list the broker on my behalf. That probably won’t happen quickly enough. I suppose I’ll have to utilize this account here and switch back again. There is an explanation as to why it wasn’t previously acknowledged as a demo account. Let’s examine what occurs behind the scenes now. We use this Metaeditor to develop MQL5 expert advisors, often known as algorithmic trading systems. At this point, I make use of this one. This is the source code for the system. You can see something about account information here, or in my case, I’ll use the online documentation. This is referred to as account trading mode demo. My demo accounts are identified by this, although not all brokers are able to supply the accurate value. I must thus add my Robo Forks account as a licensed account, just like I do for my paying clients and customers. However, since I’m using a compiled library that also includes the logic for the account licenses, I am unable to do this in source code now. So when this video is done, I will have to do that by hand.

As of right now, we have made $291 on this MetaQuotes account, but I believe that on Monday, I will either need to switch to the RoboForex account or publish the MetaQuotes sample account on my FX book. Since it’s Friday, I believe we will discuss the weekly result in the next few hours. That’s all for now. I appreciate you viewing. And I hope to see you in the upcoming video.