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Okay, I learned that I can’t get advanced statistics for a MetaQuotes demo account because MyFXBook only offers them for private use and FXblue doesn’t work with MetaQuotes accounts. So I’ve decided to start over with my Robo Forex Pro demo account that I made. I can now show you how to set up FXBlue data. I hope so anyway. Let’s check out that page. You need to click on Analyze your Trading Account when you get to the main page. After that, scroll down and add something. You can sync your accounts, but you’ll need an investment password to do so. Another choice is developer E A, which works well on Windows but not so well on Linux PCs.

Let’s give it a shot and make an MT5 account. Robo Forex is what I’ll choose. There are a few choices. That one looks like the right one, so I hope it’s actually correct. The number for the account is wrong. We are missing a third 7 here. Let’s enter the password for the investment. That one is in the “readme” file, by the way. You can use the account number and server passwords to get into my account and check out what’s going on. I’ll add it today to the readme file. Of course, I need to input my email address. I believe that’s all. Let’s click on Sign Up. I’m going to save that. Here is the link to my report. And now it says that MetaTrader 4 is the only one that can sync accounts.

It usually works for me to download a publishing app, but this time it says there is a problem with the service. Since it’s Saturday, there aren’t any new ticks coming in. Because of this, I’m not sure if the account sync feature will also work with MetaTrader 5. We’ll find out on Monday. This website says that MT4 and MT5 accounts should be able to sync. I had to change my account, so Monday is pretty much a new start. That’s all for now. We made a fresh account. We have set up FX Blue statistics, and I think we’ll be smarter by Monday morning. That’s all there is to this video. If you watched it, I say thanks, and I’ll see you in the next one.