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We talked about how to turn on advanced data on FXblue in the last video. You can connect your account for free and see information about other accounts on this website. For me, this is the account that is being used for the 2024 trading experiment at work. This is where we have some data. We have a closed profit of $157 right now. Five minutes ago was the last time it was changed. Here are some more details, such as the overall return, the monthly return, and some numbers that were collected. What’s more interesting, though, is that you have trends and specifics about the currency pairs you’re using. The Euro-US dollar chart is the only one we are using at the moment. You could add other charts for other currency pairs and see the results here. When I trade on other accounts, I can watch up to 22 charts at once, which has both pros and cons. As long as we have a different currency pair ready to use in case the Euro-US dollar pair goes down, things should be okay. This could make things more stable. The bad news is that your broker limits the number of positions you can open, so the more currency pairs you have, the fewer positions you can open for each pair.

That means it might be smarter to trade one pair of currencies on each trading server in your server farm, but that’s more technical stuff. When you click on “orders,” you can see that there are no open orders at the moment. You can choose one of the reports they offer on the home page. Moving Profit and Loss or the Equity Report is shown here. The account equity has also gone up to $157, which means there are no pending losses. This is where you’ll figure out things like daily, weekly, or monthly profits. The risk can be seen if you scroll down. There is no risk of ruin right now because we have no open losses. The system has been up and running for nine days, but I only started using it this week because I couldn’t use the MetaQuotes demo account for the advanced data. This is FXblue’s list of brokers. For some reason, MetaQuotes is not on it, so I moved to a Robo Forex account. In any case, these numbers will be very important to you in a few weeks. You can also download this as a comma-separated file that you can then look at in Excel or any other spreadsheet program if you’d like.

That’s all for now. Thanks for watching. And I will see you in the next video.