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We’re going to set up our new trading account in this video so that we may utilize it for automated trading. This MetaTrader 5 instance, hosted on a virtual or private server, is linked to the account that I set up in the last video. We just need to make a few configuration adjustments before we get started. Let’s get the toolbox open first. It is evident from this that the deposit was made. Thus far, the history is empty. All we can see is that on January 2, 2024, we placed a deposit.

This is a brand-new demo account. It’s not currently set up for automatic trading. I want to download the system right now. Now let’s click the system download link, which is located on the YouTube channel beneath the description. It’s right here. It must be downloaded into the MetaTrader 5 MQL5 experts folder, which, if you use Windows, may be in a whole other location. Let’s save that file for now. You only need to click on File, Open Data folder to find that folder on your computer. There ought to be a folder with MQL5 files there. The folder we need to use is the Experts folder, which is located inside that one.

My zip file is saved here. I must unpack the zip file. Alright, let’s get started. You can now click on Expert Advisors and select Refresh if all went according to plan. This is how our system works. Since several brokers have issues correctly supporting the MQL5 recognition for demo accounts, let’s now verify if it is indeed recognized by this account. We must click on the options and tools.

I turn the news off since I don’t need news. Now that we have selected the trade tab, let’s make sure to set the volume to a very low level to avoid inadvertently opening a large position. I want to enable algorithmic trading on the expert advisors tab. Here, I take away the checkmarks from the first two check boxes. For now, that is all. I’ll drag the robot trading system into my chart and click OK. It appears that I am having license issues. The account type is not correctly identified as a demo account, as I had anticipated. We must use an account from Meta Quotes. This one is, I believe, not available anymore. Yes, it indicates that I need to create a new account because I can’t login to the old one.

However, you now know how to download and set up the trading robot after seeing this video. I appreciate you are viewing, and I hope to see you in the upcoming video.