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You will occasionally see large candles on the chart, and there may be days when nothing happens, but sometimes everything happens in a very short amount of time. In this situation, there is only one candle with many deals made. And here’s the CCI oscillator. And if it falls below this lower line, we could witness the following transaction. And the next trade could last minutes, hours, days, or even weeks. It all relies on the current price movement, which is really rapid. So maybe we’ll see a new trade in the next few minutes, or maybe nothing happens for 50 candles in a row. And this is where people become irritated and begin to manipulate their system because it is uninteresting. You want to see more deals; otherwise, seeing a lot of trades in a short period of time may make you nervous. Here’s the next trade. It was only recently opened, and you can see that the price fluctuates. We currently have a balance of $100,253. When you click on the history tab above, you’ll notice that all of these trades occurred inside the last few minutes.

So, from here, there are not only one or two or even three, but a full dozen trades in a row here. We now have $100,253. A second deal was opened in a matter of seconds. This is what I call a forex quake; Many individuals become frightened when something like this occurs since it is unusual. But when it happens, they try everything. Maybe they close deals due to fear or they start fresh trades out of greed. And this is when you can observe price swings of several hundred dollars in only a few minutes. So if we zoom in on this chart, we can see these two lines. These are moving averages, thus we are currently in a modest upswing, which I believe will continue for the next few days. However, in instances like this, you never know. So it’s usually a good idea to begin with a low risk level. In my instance, I have a $100,000 account, so a $240 open loss isn’t too concerning. However, if this were an account with $1,000 in equity, the situation would be very different. As you can see, the equity is now below $100,000.

The free margin is even lower than that. So I’m curious to see what happens with this movement here. I believe it is a good idea to trade on a demo account, like we do here, because most individuals will see things like this happen on their live account, which might cause panic. Most traders lose all of their money within the first six months, thus it’s best to invest at least three months on a sample account. I’ve been using demo and real accounts for over a decade, and all of this real data is extremely valuable since the more real data you have, the more genuine experience you may get, regardless of whether you obtained it from a demo or a real account. Okay, that’s it for the video. I want to thank you for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one.