Code this easy Trading Robot in 3 minutes


The most important question for me might be: Does it really work for you and can you do it? But to answer that question I have created a very short Expert Advisor program that you can write within 2 or 3 minutes. I will just copy the code here to show you the process. please open your Metatrader and press the F4 key. That will bring up the Metaeditor where you can click on the “New” link. Select “Expert Advisor from template”. Continue – give it a name, click on continue -> continue and you are ready. Now remove everything within the white window and paste the code. Afterwards compile. If everything is okay, reopen your Metatrader and hit the CTRL and the R key to bring up the backtesting module. Select a date range, use period “M1”, set this check mark to see what is going on and adjust the speed. We all know the EURUSD has gone down for a while, so this is a good example how to make money even when the price is going down the hill. If you have set up everything hit the start key, adjust the speed here and watch what happens. We have made our first two bucks of profit and here is our next profit with another 2 dollars. I will speed up a little bit more and this ist the end result for the whole year 2015. If you had done that, you would have made some money. Simply click on the report tab here to see your total profit. That was very easy, wasn’t it?