How much money can I make?


A very common question is the question: How much money can I make and how can I prevent losses? Well the simple answer and the most effective way to answer this question is to test it yourself. So just switch from EurUsd to another currency pair like AUDUSD. I will start the test again. This is running with full speed so it should be finished within a few seconds. And if you click on the graph tab here you will see what results you would have had if you had traded. You can do it yourself for each and every of these currency pairs and you will find out what would have happened if you had done that. So the most sure way to create a dependable and profitable system for yourself obviously would be to find one that works in all possible market conditions. My own benchmark for a profitable system was at least 10 years in at least 10 different currency pairs. I managed to become profitable by testing thousands and thousands of trades an making slight adjustments over time. So the biggest and most obvious advantage of automated trading in my eyes is your ability to do tests over and over again with thousands of trades in a few minutes. You can also trade up to 22 currency pairs all at once without being in front of your screen. This back testing module will help you to get valuable insights in almost no time to create your own profitable MQL4 system.