My daily updated real account results:

In this video I wanted to talk about a presentation that I have created for the last I think about two weeks, you can find it on: and it contains so much useful information that I think that you might want to watch it.
Actually it’s over two hours long, most of it is pure content, I talked about my numbers and my systems, this slide is showing the results for the Robot Trading System on I think September the 28th because that’s what it says here.
Let’s visit the website, click on the real time account statement, today we have October the 11th 2018, let’s click on the Robot Trading System to show the current results and currently we have made 7.67%, the profit is 3,819 Dollars and 86 cents, that’s a little bit more than you see here and if you are interested we are going to talk about the 5 steps to develop a trading system that works.
It doesn’t matter if you are ever going to buy something from me, I think that the content is something that you might find very interesting and it should help you even if you never consider being an automated trader. Here is a little spoiler; the one big breakthrough that actually became the foundation for the Robot Trading System can be found in the book: “Trade your way to financial freedom” by Van Tharp, Van Tharp once talked to a guy named Tom Basso and this guy thought it was possible to make profits with a random based entry if the other components are good enough.
Let’s do that live, we will test it for the year 2018 up to the current day, let’s click on start, this shouldn’t take very long.
Okay, in this case we made 50,249 Dollars end-result, that’s a total net profit of: 255 Dollars and 19 cents. Let’s repeat the test, this time it says we made: 125 Dollars and 59 cents and because of the random entry we have different results for the same time span.
So if you are interested to find out the details and watch the results for the Robot Trading System for the last two weeks just follow the link and watch a little over 2 hours of video content to find the solution that works for you.